The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to govern the registration of the CEPSA STAR GO card (hereinafter, THE CARD) and its use, including its management through the web, (hereinafter, THE PORTAL). Completion of this application implies the express, full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of these Terms and Conditions, which means that the Cardholder gives their consent to be registered automatically in the PRIVATE AREA ofthe Portal, in the ELECTRONIC BILLING service and in the Cepsa WEB SERVICE for the management of Cards. Through this application for registration, CEPSA CARD, S.A. (hereinafter, CEPSA CARD), with its registered office at Avenida del Partenón nº 12, 28042 Madrid (Spain) and company tax ID no. A-80349590 (registered in the Madrid Companies Register, volume 3434, folio 179, section 8, sheet M-58093), makes available to its Cardholder Customers a series of electronic or telematic services accessed through the Portal, the use of which is governed by the specific features provided below. 1. PURPOSE.- The correct completion of the Card application will allow the Cardholder to gain telematic access to information on the details in the Card Contract, as well as other restricted information thanks to their customer status, and to be able to carry out the transactions available in the Portal as a User for as long as they remain registered with this service. Access to these services is free of charge, but to keep this access open it is an indispensable requirement that there be a Cepsa Card Contract in place and in force. The registration made through the Portal will have the same effects as a card application form in paper format duly signed by the Cardholder whose data are included therein. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the effectiveness of the card registration contract is subject to the first use of the card by the Cardholder. For questions relating to the use of the Card, Users of the Portal may write, according to the specifications made in these conditions for communication of specific orders, to the email address for Customer and Portal User Service (tarjetascepsa@cepsa. com) and/or also to the CEPSA CARD Card Center, Customer Service (Av. del Partenón 12, 28042 Madrid, Teléfono 902 322 110, Fax 902 237 729). COMPAÑÍA ESPAÑOLA DE PETRÓLEOS, S.A.U. (hereinafter, Cepsa), with its registered office at Avenida del Partenón, nº 12, 28042 in Madrid, Spain and company tax identification code no. A-28003119, is the owner of the registered domain names and, and is also the manager of these portals. Said company is registered with the Madrid Trade & Companies Registry in volume 588, folio 35, page M-12.689. 2. APPLICATION FOR CARD REGISTRATION AND ACCESS TO SERVICES THROUGH THE PORTAL.- The User must successfully complete the questions or required fields included in the card registration form, including a valid email address to which CEPSA CARD may reply, without prejudice to any other addresses indicated, in order to send communications or notices regarding the use of the card. CEPSA CARD declines all liability if the email address provided by the user for communication between the parties is inaccurate or is not operational. Nor shall it be liable for any situations that may arise from improper or fraudulent use of the email address or inbox that may have allowed a third party to have access to it, whether authorized or otherwise. With the completion of the form, the user may request up to a maximum of five (5) cards associated with their person (natural or legal), and must contact CEPSA CARD Customer Service if they require a greater number of cards. Once the data are validated by CEPSA CARD the User shall receive, via an email sent to the address given to this effect on the application, the card registration contract along with the legal and financial conditions that it includes. If the user has not been previously registered in the reserved area of the Portal, an access code and confidential password will also be provided for their personal use, allowing them to access the PRIVATE AREA, as well as the electronic invoicing service therein and telematic management of the Card with the specific features covered below. 3. SERVICES.- The User shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the access code and password provided for the PRIVATE AREA, as well as adopting all the necessary measures to keep them secret, being solely responsible for their use even in the case of being used by third parties, authorized or otherwise, expressly stating that they will be given equal status and legal value from the time of their first use. In case of a lost or forgotten password, the user may request a new one through the PRIVATE AREA, which will be sent via email. Users may unsubscribe from the PRIVATE AREA at any time by sending an email to Withdrawal from this service will automatically entail removal from the services of electronic invoicing and web management, but it shall be possible to continue to operate normally with the associated card. Once the user has accessed the PRIVATE AREA, their invoices will be available in digital format through the ELECTRONIC INVOICING service, and can be downloaded onto their PC or printed out. The User will receive notices about their latest invoices available on the email address provided on the registration form. The Electronic Invoicing service will be used for all fuel purchases by the User, irrespective of the country in which they are made. The User may view electronic invoices in the same format as when sent on paper. Invoices will be available for a period of five (5) years from the date of issue. Electronic invoices are based on the use of an electronic signature system which guarantees the authenticity of origin, integrity of content and readability, in the terms contemplated in current legislation. The service uses the electronic certificate, which allows this advanced electronic signature to be applied. CEPSA CARD has obtained an electronic certificate in accordance with current legislation that enables it to apply an advanced electronic signature to its invoices, issuing the electronic invoice in XML format and allowing the user to view it as many times as needed in PDF format under the ¿copy¿ command. If the User detects any error in the invoices, they are to notify CEPSA CARD in writing within fifteen (15) days, and CEPSA CARD shall undertake, if necessary, to rectify the error and issue a new accounting document within a further ten (10) days of such notification by the User. The User is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided for the proper issuance of invoices and receipt of the notice and for reporting any changes thereto, especially any change in the email address, allowing them to be kept properly updated in order to be notified when new invoices are available. In each notice reference will be made to the date of issue and invoice number, so that the User can locate them easily. If any failure is detected in sending the email, it will be sent again. The notice will be for informational purposes only. The User may unsubscribe from this Service by ticking the box DEACTIVATE ELECTRONIC INVOICING SERVICE on the Portal. CEPSA CARD shall process said unsubscription as soon as possible and change to the ordinary paper invoicing system. Also, once the User enters the PRIVATE AREA, they will gain telematic access to restricted information thanks to their customer status through the CEPSA WEB SERVICE, and can perform the operations available on this service while they remain registered. These telematic management services include, among others, the administration of contracts and cards, and querying transactions and invoices. CEPSA CARD may alter or modify the features of the services it offers at any time, add new querying or operational options thereto, allow the contracting of other services and/or suspend them in whole or in part for reasons of security or control, subject to prior notice to Users via the web page itself or by any other means of communication allowed between the parties. All transactions carried out via this telematic handling service shall be governed by these legal terms and conditions and by those set forth in the associated Cepsa Card Contract. Access to this electronic management service will allow the User to manage the signed contract, including the ability to operate with existing cards, except for any impediments caused by force majeure. The Cardholder accepts as sufficient this method of identification which CEPSA CARD uses for access to both the PRIVATE AREA and the telematic management service for the functionalities of the card which they hold. CEPSA CARD shall not be responsible for any situations that may arise due to inappropriate or fraudulent use of the security password required for access to the service by a person other than the Cardholder. Any third person identifying him or herself using the Security Code associated with the Cardholder¿s contract shall be understood to have been authorized by the Cardholder to make use of the services available through this PORTAL. The use of this Code by such third party accessing with the identification codes of the User shall be deemed to have been made in the name of the Cardholder defined in each applicable contract. Consequently, orders issued by Users of this Portal, whether Cardholders under the Card contract or authorized third parties, and received by CEPSA CARD through the approved telematic channels, shall be regarded as and shall have the same effectiveness as the issue of a document with the Cardholder¿s handwritten signature, and therefore CEPSA CARD¿s execution of these orders shall be deemed fully effective and considered as a response to a declaration of intent issued by the Cardholder named in the contract. Nonetheless, CEPSA CARD reserves the right to make a written request, in the interests of greater security, for written confirmation of orders received, or to refuse to execute them if it has reasonable doubts as to their provenance or legitimacy or otherwise considers it advisable to do so, until such time as they can be verified with the Cardholder. CEPSA CARD shall take appropriate technical and operational measures to keep the information needed by the Cardholder to execute his or her orders through this service up-to-date. However, CEPSA CARD does not guarantee the accuracy of the information held by this service, such as billings or other data that the Cardholder may require at any given time, due to the existence of transactions carried out very recently or still in progress, or that have not been recorded for any other reason. CEPSA CARD will keep a computer file with all the transactions carried out by means of this service. The User irrevocably authorizes CEPSA CARD to use these files if it considers it necessary, as proof in any kind of proceedings. CEPSA CARD will not execute any orders received after the Cardholder has reported the loss, theft, removal or unauthorized use of the Card or the fact that the User access code and/or password has come into the possession of third parties, providing that CEPSA CARD has received a written notification from the Cardholder under the associated Contract asking for the contract to be blocked for purposes of online management. Further, CEPSA CARD is exonerated from any claim or liability of any kind that may be invoked by the Cardholder under the associated Contract in respect of transactions or orders received from the Cardholder and from such third parties as may have accessed these services by identifying themselves with the access code or password, and shall not be a party to nor involved in any claims that the Cardholder may bring. Moreover, CEPSA CARD shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise as a result of interference, interruption or disconnections, outages or overload in the functioning of or access to the network, or breakdowns of the network or IT systems. CEPSA CARD may at any time, whenever it considers it necessary for the proper functioning of the service, bar the Cardholder from acting as a User of the web service, without prejudice to fulfillment of the obligations pending by virtue of any transactions already agreed therewith. To such end, CEPSA CARD shall give the Cardholder named in the associated Cepsa Card Contract at least fifteen days prior written notice, unless the barring is based on a breach of contractual obligations or other duly evidenced just cause, in which case the barring shall be immediate. The existence of any amount owed to CEPSA CARD shall entitle it to suspend access to the online service for all associated card contracts. The User may de-register fully from the web management service at any time, without having to give a reason or prior notice, without prejudice to fulfillment of such obligations as may remain pending by virtue of the general terms and conditions of the associated Cepsa Card Contract in each case and/or of such transactions as CEPSA CARD may have arranged with the User. To de-register from the web management service, the User must inform CEPSA CARD of their wish to do so by sending a fax to 902 237 729. Removal or de-registration from the telematic management system shall not confer the right to any kind of compensation or release the Parties from compliance with pending obligations entered into on the basis of the Card contract. 4. USE OF THE PORTAL AND OWNERSHIP RIGHTS.- The User undertakes to make appropriate use of the content and services offered through the Portal and not to use them for: (i) engaging in any illicit or unlawful activities or activities contrary to good faith and public order; (ii) causing damage to physical or logical systems of Cepsa Group companies, their suppliers or third parties, introducing or disseminating any computer virus in the network or any other physical or logical system likely to cause damage as referred to above; (iii) or making any other use thereof that might in any way damage, render unusable, overload or degrade the PORTAL or impede its normal use or enjoyment by other Users. The User acknowledges and accepts that the Portal and any software used in connection with same contain confidential information which is the property of the Cepsa Group companies and is protected by intellectual and industrial property laws. Access to the contents of the Portal does not imply the granting of a license to use any of the aforesaid rights and, save express authorization by their proprietors, the reproduction, modification, transformation, distribution or public disclosure of said content is prohibited in accordance with current Spanish legislation. The User accepts the content of the terms and conditions of use provided in the information contained in the Legal Notice on the service access Portal. 5. PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION.- In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the Cardholder is informed that the personal data provided through this PORTAL will be incorporated in a file owned by CEPSA CARD, S.A. and used confidentially to: (i) facilitate access to the PORTAL and the obtaining of information on products and/or services offered thereon, (ii) act upon, accept, review and/or reject orders received by CEPSA CARD relating to the terms and conditions of the Cepsa Card Contract associated with the Cardholder and/or to Cards associated therewith, and (iii) facilitate the handling, processing, monitoring and updating of the data and information held in CEPSA CARD¿s databases as a consequence of the contractual relationship in place with CEPSA CARD. In any case, these data will also be processed in the same conditions and for the same purposes as those provided for and authorized by duly completing the conditions of the Cepsa Card Application Contract associated with these services. The Cardholder on the contract authorizes the processing of their personal data for the above purposes and undertakes to inform CEPSA CARD of any change in the personal particulars provided. Once the Card registration application has been successfully completed and it has been processed by CEPSA CARD, the Cardholder will have access to its use in accordance with the following specifications: 1. STATED PURPOSE.- The ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card is a commercial payment instrument allowing Cardholders to pay for the purchase of goods and services acquired in member or affiliated establishments of the Cepsa Card System. 2. REGULATIONS.- The ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card shall be governed by the rules and conditions of use set forth in these General Terms and Conditions of use for this Commercial Card and any subsequent amendments that may be made thereto by CEPSA CARD, S.A. subject to prior notice to the Cardholder in writing. The use of the card implies acceptance by the Cardholder of these general terms and conditions of use of the Business Card ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿, and the changes that have been previously reported. 3. ISSUING ENTITY.- The ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card is the property of the Issuer, CEPSA CARD, S.A. It is issued at the Issuer¿s discretion to vehicle owners who apply for it. If the Applicant is a legal person, the application must be signed by a duly empowered representative thereof. The Card shall state, inter alia, its validity period, the license plate number of the vehicle to be supplied or the ID of its authorized bearer. CEPSA CARD, S.A. will renew the Card by sending a new one to the Cardholder before the expiration of the validity period. CEPSA CARD, S.A. reserves the right not to renew the Card or to cancel it before its expiration, subject to prior notice to the Cardholder. CEPSA CARD, S.A. shall allow the ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card to be used by pre-loading on it the amount of any purchases by cash equivalent. Cash equivalent means cash from duly authorized bank debit or credit cards. Other commercial or store cards are excluded. CEPSA CARD, S.A. reserves the right to declare the Card incompatible with other Cepsa Group loyalty or commercial cards. 4. USE OF THE CARD.- By using this ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card, the Cardholder appoints CEPSA CARD, S.A. and/or any Company or affiliate of the Cepsa Group as a Buying Agent to act in its own name and on behalf of the Cardholder in any transactions that may be carried out by means of its use, and expressly accepts any assignments of receivables deriving from this Contract between any of the aforementioned Companies. The ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card may be used only by the legitimate Cardholder or Bearer. The Legitimate Bearer means the User of the vehicle whose license plate number is shown on the Card, or failing that, the holder of the national identity card (DNI) indicated thereon, assuming that the Bearer is authorized by the Cardholder to use the Card, except where the Cardholder has previously reported its loss, theft or cancellation. The Card can be used only to acquire the products or services available in the Establishment or by the means and within the limits authorized in each country. As a payment card, it must not be used to pay for transactions carried out by third parties or to obtain credit or cash. 5. OBLIGATIONS.- A) The Holder of the ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card undertakes: a) to keep and use the Cards of which he or she is the Holder and depositary in a proper manner. b) to ensure that the Cards are kept safe, making sure that they are always in the possession of an authorized User and are used in the manner authorized by these General Terms and Conditions of use of the ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Commercial Card. c) to inform CEPSA CARD, S.A. immediately in the event of the theft, loss or non-use of the Card, or of its coming into the possession of unauthorized persons, so that it can be canceled promptly. Such notification shall be made as soon as possible to the CEPSA CARD, S.A. Card Center (Avda del Partenón, no. 12, 28042 Madrid, Tel. 902 322 110, Fax 902 237 729), without prejudice to any other reports or claims as may be appropriate or required. If such notification is made by telephone, the Cardholder shall confirm it in writing to CEPSA CARD, S.A. within two days, enclosing the corresponding report to the competent authority in cases of theft or loss. Once CEPSA CARD, S.A. has received written notification or confirmation of the theft or loss of the Card, the Cardholder shall be exonerated from any liability for its wrongful use, except if the Cardholder has acted with willful intent or serious negligence. However, any wrongful use made of the Card before its loss or theft is reported to CEPSA CARD, S.A. shall be the Cardholder¿s sole responsibility. d) not to use cards that have expired or been replaced or canceled. e) to immediately destroy the ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card upon being informed by CEPSA CARD, S.A. of its cancellation, replacement or non-renewal, or when the Cardholder expressly renounces its use (change of vehicle or ownership or other reasons). f) to pay for the transactions carried out using the ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card in the terms laid down in Clause 8. g) to inform CEPSA CARD, S.A. in writing of any change in either the postal address provided in the application for the Card or the bank direct debit arrangements. CEPSA CARD, S.A. shall be exonerated from all liability providing it addresses its communications to the last address given by the Cardholder. h) to inform CEPSA CARD, S.A. in writing within two days of any accidents affecting the vehicle authorized by the Card, or any change in its identity, availability or ownership. B) CEPSA CARD, S.A. undertakes: a) to give the Cardholder a copy of these General Terms and Conditions of use of the ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Commercial Card, and of the Terms and Conditions applying to the use or services of the Card via the Internet or by any other means that may be made available in the future. b) to cancel expired or void cards and all cards for which cancellation is requested by reason of theft, loss or non-use by the Cardholder or an authorized third party. c) to use all means at its disposal to prevent the subsequent use of any Card for which the Cardholder has requested cancellation by reason of loss or theft. 6. CARRYING OUT OF TRANSACTIONS.- A) When using the Card to purchase goods or services in the affiliated Establishments, the Cardholder and/or the persons authorized to use the Card must: a) present the ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card and prove their identity when asked to do so by the Establishment by showing their ID card, passport or other valid identity document. b) be driving the vehicle the license plate number of which is printed on the Card (if any) and show legitimate possession of said vehicle if asked to do so by the Establishment. c) sign the purchase receipts presented by the Establishment as evidence of the transaction¿s having been carried out. Said signature shall imply: - the Cardholder¿s full conformity with the transaction carried out and with the amount shown on the receipt. - the obligation to load the amount onto the Card before carrying out purchase transactions. - acceptance of the assignment of receivables made by the Establishment in favor of CEPSA CARD, S.A. or another Cepsa Group Company. B) The use of the Card implies the Cardholder¿s acceptance of and strict compliance with all laws and regulations in force concerning payments and expenses abroad, and the Card may be used only in establishments affiliated with the Cepsa Card System in Spain, plus such other countries as may subsequently be authorized and communicated to the Cardholder. 7. EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY.- Without prejudice to their taking such measures as they consider appropriate, CEPSA CARD, S.A. and any other Cepsa Group Company or affiliate shall be exempt from liability in the event that any Establishment affiliated with the Cepsa Card System should refuse the Card. Likewise they shall not become involved in any incident or liabilities that may arise from the transaction between the Establishment and the Cardholder. 8. BILLING AND COLLECTION.- Every month, or at such other intervals as may be agreed between the Parties, CEPSA CARD, S.A. and the Cepsa Group Companies shall send the Cardholder an invoice for each country in the corresponding currency showing the transactions carried out in each country using the Card since the close of the previous invoice, and they reserve the right to change the billing period subject to prior written notice to the Cardholder. The Cardholder authorizes CEPSA CARD, S.A. and the Cepsa Group Companies when acting in the name and on behalf of a Cepsa Group Company to apply in the invoices any discount or promotion that may have been granted to the Cardholder in relation to the transactions invoiced. The Cardholder shall pay for all transactions by pre-loading their amounts onto the Card by means of cash equivalent, this amount being the balance in favor of the Cardholder and its cumulative sum being shown on the invoice covering said transactions. The difference between the total of the monthly invoice and the amount in favor of the Cardholder will be the result pending settlement and will be transferred by CEPSA CARD, S.A. to the bank account indicated by the Cardholder. When these amounts to be paid by CEPSA CARD, S.A. originate from discounts and promotions, they will not be transferred to the Cardholder¿s bank account until they reach the amount of fifteen euros (¿15), and until such time they will accumulate month by month in an account opened in the Cardholder¿s favor in CEPSA CARD, S.A. In any case, CEPSA CARD, S.A. will settle the amount shown in favor of the Cardholder once a year. CEPSA CARD, S.A. reserves the right to set maximum discounts or limitations on the use of the Card per transaction, and to put in place mechanisms allowing the Cardholder to reload the Card, with the amount of such reload remaining as a positive balance in his or her favor. If CEPSA CARD, S.A. should decide or find itself obliged to discontinue the promotion, not granting any more discounts, it shall inform Cardholders of such circumstance and settle any balance in their favor. 9. ASSIGNMENT OF RIGHTS.- CEPSA CARD, S.A. may, subject to prior notice to the Cardholder, assign all the rights and obligations deriving from the ¿CEPSA STAR DIRECT¿ Card to any Company belonging to the Cepsa Group. 10. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA.- In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Protection of Personal Data, you are hereby informed that the personal data given will be incorporated into a file owned by CEPSA CARD, S.A. and used confidentially in order to provide, manage, monitor and maintain the services involved in the CEPSA STAR DIRECT Card. Also, the data provided may be used in relation to activities covered in the corporate purpose of the company. The Cardholder authorizes CEPSA CARD, S.A. to process their data in order to send commercial communications that may be of interest or adapted to their profile and are related to the products and services that CEPSA CARD, S.A. sells, authorizing, pursuant to Article 21 of Law 34/2002, on Information Society Services, the receipt of such commercial communications by conventional and electronic means (email, SMS, purchase receipts, etc.). Likewise, these communications may refer to CEPSA CARD's information or promotions or promotions by companies belonging to the Cepsa Group related to their corporate purpose and can be consulted on the website However, the Cardholder may oppose the processing indicated above by checking the appropriate box or by sending their opposition via email: It shall be understood that the Cardholder expressly consents, unless their opposition thereto has been expressed, to the transfer of their personal data to companies belonging to the CEPSA Group for the purposes described above. The Cardholder authorizes CEPSA CARD, S.A. to check information relating to the Cardholder¿s credit record for the purpose of studying and deciding on the application, and to check the appropriate files, in particular those relating to solvency and credit. The Cardholder authorizes CEPSA CARD, S.A. to disclose the data relating to the Cardholder¿s credit record to any credit registry or bureau such as Banco de España, Asnef-Equifax, etc. In the event of non-payment, the data may be sent to files relating to compliance or non-compliance with pecuniary obligations. CEPSA CARD S.A. may record telephone conversations made to the 902 322 110 telephone number in order to ensure better quality of service. In any event, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition may be exercised in writing, enclosing a photocopy of the person's national identity card, to CEPSA CARD, S.A. at the following address: Avda. del Partenón, 12, 28042- Madrid (Spain). The exercise of these rights shall not be retroactive. 11. JURISDICTION.- For any disputes that may arise in the application or interpretation of the agreements set forth in these General Terms and Conditions, the Parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction and competence provided in the applicable legislation in force.